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Payment Policy And Guarantee

The most reliable measurement of the quality of a résumé is its effectiveness in generating interviews and, as the letters of appreciation from our clients attest, the quality of our résumés has been validated by the ultimate decision-makers: employers to whom our clients have submitted them. Nevertheless, Career Solutions respects each client’s opinion as to what constitutes a high-quality résumé, and we have structured our payment policy to allow clients to cancel the résumé service for any reason—and without incurring any cost.

Our Policy: When we quote a fee for providing our résumé service, we will require 50% of the total to begin the process. If you are using our résumé service for the first time and visit our office to review the initial draft, you can reject it and receive a full refund of your 50% payment, as long as you do not take possession of the résumé. You will not be required to give any reason for rejecting the material, and we will issue you a full refund before you leave our office.

Assuming you are sufficiently pleased with the draft to work with Career Solutions to transform it into a finished product, you have two options for the manner in which you continue working with us:

Option 1: You may choose to take possession of the draft when you visit our office, so that you can study it at your leisure to determine what changes you’d like. If you do, the balance of the fee is payable at that time. From that point on, you can either work with us on a remote basis, by phone and email, or you can schedule an office appointment to review each subsequent draft.

Option 2: You may choose to not take possession of the draft when you visit our office to read the initial draft. During that meeting, you would specify the changes you’d like and return to the office to review subsequent draft revisions. At whatever point you take possession of the résumé, whether in draft or finished form, the balance is payable in full. Or, if you do not take possession of the résumé in our office, but you request that we email it to you, we require payment of the balance before we email it in either draft or finished form.

Once you have received a draft or finished résumé, whether by taking possession of it in our office or because we have emailed it to you at your request, we will not provide a full or partial refund for any reason.

We reserve the right to change our payment policy and/or discontinue our guarantee at any time and without notice. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this page on the day you plan to initiate the résumé service to ensure that you have the most current information about our business practices.

Last update of this page: January 15, 2010.