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Biography of Janice Weinberg

Janice Weinberg's approach to career consulting is based on her firm belief that people are capable of achieving their career goals – an approach that has been validated by the successful results attained by the international clientele served by her Westport, Connecticut-based firm, Career Solutions. Her innovative ideas and proven techniques have received exposure in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Mademoiselle, and over 250 TV and radio appearances nationwide. For several years, "Janice Weinberg's Career Clinic" was a regular feature in the Pennsylvania Nurse, the popularity of which led to the publication of many of her columns in other print media. She has been an invited speaker at numerous presentations sponsored by professional and civic associations, as well as colleges and universities.

Janice's first book, How to Win the Job You Really Want (Henry Holt & Co.), was critically acclaimed. For example, Booklist said, "In the crowded field of job-hunting books, Janice's guide stands out by successfully pulling together a wide range of useful information and offering it clearly and effectively." The universal relevance of Janice's advice led to the book's adaptation for the French-speaking market and its publication in France.

In her second book, Debugging Your Information Technology® Career: A Compass to New and Rewarding Fields That Value Computer Knowledge (Elegant Fix Press, LLC), Janice helps computer professionals understand how their technical education and experience can be springboards to many professional careers off the traditional IT career paths. Drawing from her own background as a computer professional, she takes the reader on a tour of 20 alternative fields where computer knowledge is a strong asset.

Janice's latest book, Debugging Your Information Technology® Job Search: A Compass to Winning the Management Position You Really Want, guides IT managers through the CIO/CTO level in developing resumes and cover letters, targeting employers, and promoting themselves during the IT recruitment process.

Prior to founding Career Solutions, Weinberg was employed by IBM and General Electric, where she held positions in systems programming, strategic planning, marketing, and sales management. She subsequently served on the adjunct faculty of Crotonville, GEs world-renowned Management Development Institute, where she taught management theory and practice. The breadth and depth of her corporate background have given her a perspective and insights that her clients have found very helpful in defining and realizing their career aspirations.