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The following letters of appreciation from clients of Career Solutions will provide insight into the quality of our services, including the outstanding results clients have achieved with our résumés. To learn how we can assist you in attaining your goals, contact Janice Weinberg, author of Debugging Your Information Technology Career and How to Win the Job You Really Want.

“I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that I retained your services. I truly believe your outstanding résumé and cover letter recommendations, job search strategies, and the interview preparation segments made the difference in this difficult job market. Thank you again for your assistance and follow through.”

Account Executive

“(Initial client comment) Thank you so much for this -- you've done an amazing job and I am very very happy. (Subsequent comment) I just wanted to keep you in the loop that I'm reviewing the resume with a few of my closest friends and colleagues and the feedback has been awesome and everyone is very impressed with your work.”

IT Program Manager

“When I started my venture of searching for a résumé writer, you were one of my candidates. As I did my due diligence, your cost was on the high side. Thus, I concluded that I could get the results I needed by spending less money and going elsewhere. And so, off I went to a competitor and off my new résumés went, a 100 or so, to prospective employers. And off too, were the results. After a few weeks went by, I felt concerned. I had no responses. Zero. Not even letters of refusal. ... I quickly realized that I could not afford not to pay for an expert in the field of résumé writing. ... Upon meeting you, your professional talent as a writer, your keen listening skills, and ability to flush out the facts, left me with a renewed sense of hope. After reading the end product of the résumé you created, it was an eye opener that catapulted me into action. I resubmitted the résumés you designed to the same potential organizations for employment that I had recently submitted my résumés from a competitor of yours. The results were astonishing ... I received over 20 calls and had 12 interviews! All these responses from your résumé compared to no response with the résumé that was submitted only a month or so before I submitted your end product. ... You, Janice Weinberg, open doors for people ... My experience showed me a well written résumé is the key to the door. No key, no entry. Without your level of expertise as a résumé writer, it was possible that my career could have taken a negative turn. I would be happy and honored to recommend you to others. They need to know that they can not afford NOT to have you work with them to achieve the results they want.”

Healthcare Executive

“Before I had you prepare my résumé, I had used my own version. I sent out about 60 résumés and received 2 interviews. I sent out only 15 of your résumé and received 6 interviews. The significant difference in the number of “doors” opened for job opportunities — from about 3% to 40% — has fully justified the cost of your services.”

Marketing Manager

“Your resume totally did the trick! ..... Though I have to admit I balked a bit at the price, I certainly feel that your personal service and the quality of the resume were eventually worth every penny.”

Information Technology Professional

“I really want to thank you for your résumé writing services — it helped me get into many doors.”

Communications Executive

“I sent the letter and résumé you wrote for me to nine organizations, received nine interviews, and got four job offers. I want you to know how grateful I am for the services you provided because I know that, without them, I would never have had so many opportunities presented to me.”

Counseling Professional

“Thank you for the valuable preparation.”

Information Technology Manager

“I love my work, and you are the one who pegged me for this!”

Self-employed Professional

“Job search going well — no offer yet but many prospects and nearly every interview I’ve asked for.”


“Just wanted to let you know Iím working. I got an amazing response from the resume — thanks!”

Project Manager

“The time, energy and effort you spent with me throughout the entire process was an investment in my future that I must thank you for. I do not feel I would have been as successful without your personal attention and guidance.”

Law Enforcement Executive

“I wanted to keep in touch and update you on my career directions. You were definitely a big help in getting my mind set on overcoming a career setback .... In closing, thanks again for your professional assistance. Your knowledge of my alternatives was impressive.”

Manager in the Non-Profit Sector

“... have set up two meetings with two people in the field. Your recommendations were right on target and I won’t hesitate to contact you again for further needs.”

Career Changer

“Your advice of two years has made a lasting impression on me and I wanted to thank you.”

Graphic Designer

“Thank you for your insights and suggestions. You have been a great help to me.”


“Our talks were very useful to me in defining employment possibilities and opening my eyes to areas I wouldn’t have considered. You helped me take the issue out of the emotional arena and put it into the rational arena where it properly belongs.”

Woman Re-entering the Job Market

“Thanks again for your help... I recently was accepted into a sports medicine fellowship ....”