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Debugging Your Information Technology Job Search

The following emails received from readers should give you a sense of how useful you'll find Debugging Your Information Technology Job Search: A Compass to Winning the Management Position You Really Want in achieving your career advancement goals.

"I read your book over the weekend and found the content to be very helpful. I'm in the process of applying for a very appealing CIO position. I would be interested in contracting your services to:

  • review the desired job posting
  • review my resume and offer suggestions for improvement
  • assist with formulating a strategy for a cover letter"

    "I recently read your book on Debugging Your IT Job Search. Was very interesting. I am in the process of CIO job search in Houston. I would like to use your services for resume building. Can you please let me know your quote on these services?"

    "I work in the telecommunications field....and currently seeking a CTO/VP level position in related technologies. I received the copy of your book earlier this week, and find it valuable on a quick read."

    "I am in the process of reading your book "Debugging Your IT Job Search" and at the same time I am really interested in possibly using your services. Could you kindly let me know what is a typical engagement/time/cost for your mentoring/consultant/coaching sessions?"

    "I just received it, and couldn't help just starting to read it. It looks very good!"

    Debugging Your Information Technology Job Search is the second book in the Debugging Your Information Technology series by Janice Weinberg. The first book was Debugging Your Information Technology Career: A Compass to New and Rewarding Fields That Value Computer Knowledge, and you can read reviews of that book here.